Embracing love is what we do best.

As filmmakers we aim to capture your beautiful day with a cinematic flare. We know the goal is to relive this video for years to come so we do our best to get every detail and the moment you may forget with time. We want to make you feel safe and loved even in the quiet times.

The. Dream. Team. An incredible photo-video duo

"Extremely personable, very professional, easy to work with, such amazing and talented work. ”

Pri & Mary delivered all the media in a timely manner and they made my whole wedding party feel at ease while
capturing some of the most cherished memories in my life so far! Not a single awkward moment with these two around!

-Bry & An // Arlington Texas

EmbracingYou’s Beginning

Co-founders, Priscilla and Mary, met each other at The University of Texas at Arlington. Priscilla’s passion roots from film whereas Mary’s roots grew from photography. After working together on projects, they realized quickly they worked extremely well together. As Priscilla’s love for photography bloomed, Mary’s love for film blossomed. They formed a bond that embraces both of their passions, film and photography. Although from different backgrounds, Mary and Pri together create an energy that is unmatched. Mary is the eclectic one, a true artist in that she loves creating an image, whereas Priscilla’s style comes from making documentaries, so her images evoke a lot of raw genuine emotion.

The logo is an asymmetrical infinity sign that comes together as butterfly wings symbolizing both co-founders. We want to show that where one person lacks the other person is strong, that no matter what they both will always be passionate about what they do. Embracing You would be honored to be a part of every couple’s beautiful journey as they become one on their wedding day.

Our Latest Films

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