Mary Tran

Co-Founder, Lead Photographer, Lead Videographer

Mary’s dream was to become a fashion designer when she was a child, but she soon discovered the beauty of photography during her junior year of high school. Her early influences in fashion paved the way to her photography style hoping to connect fashion and art in the most beautiful way possible.

With the camera, she is able to tell a story through the world she creates in still photographs as well as short films. Since then, she knew she found her true passion in the art field. Whether it is staged or candid/natural, Mary yearns to capture beautiful memories that others can look back on and relive the moment as if it was just yesterday.

Priscilla Dasilva

Co-Founder, Lead Photographer, Lead Videographer

Priscilla got her first camera when she was 12 and hasn’t stopped documenting since then. In 2015, she began her film degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, that’s where her passion for photography begun. She realized she loves making documentaries because it involves interacting with real people and making their story come alive. As she was expanding her knowledge in film, she was simultaneously taking photography classes that in the end, made her fall in love with still images. Although her first passion was film, photography is now her target industry.

When it comes to filming, Priscilla’s strengths are in editing and interviewing. When it comes to photography, she’s the type who can make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.

She hopes to continue to document her clients special moments and give them memories that they will never forget.

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